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Diana Marin is a social media professional interested in the mental health and creative industries. Diana creates, curates, writes, edits, organises, and designs engaging, impactful content that will make your social media presence glow up.

Skilled in Social Media Management, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Strategy, Visual Branding, Copywriting, and Content Writing, Diana Marin provides a variety of digital service packages. After having an in-depth discussion about your company mission, objectives, previous activity, and projects, she will develop a creative social media strategy that is uniquely adapted to your business, conduct insightful social media audits for your channels, and create engaging, visually consistent content that aligns with your brand vision, objectives, and with the latest digital tactics and trends.

Having a keen sense of aesthetics and a visual & multimedia background, Diana can create, curate, organise, and design content that will help your business thrive on social media, keeping your feed flowing and luring new customers. In addition to ensuring positive first impressions through visual branding elements and a cohesive visual strategy, Diana will also maintain your audience engaged by providing valuable, quality content using her writing talent and niche-specific knowledge and making sure your message reaches the right audience by following best practices in marketing and social media.

My purpose is to help creative and mental health companies thrive in the digital space. If you’re looking for someone who can implement effective strategies, successful campaigns, and valuable, stimulating, well-researched content ideas for your social media channels, as well as building and engaging your community and establishing a strong visual brand identity, feel free to contact me.

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“Diana can truly take your social media presence to the next level. Her dedication, talent, and passion are reflected in her work.”

“Working with Diana has changed our business and saved us so much time. Within days of signing the agreement, she came up with ideas for creative posts. Within weeks, she started successfully implementing her results-driven strategy.”

“Not only is she creative, efficient, and well versed in social media, Diana is talented, passionate about what she does, and always eager to adapt and expand her knowledge of the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape.”

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